My Desires

Gifts are an amazing way to show your gratitude or simply break the ice!  I am a fairly "easy to please" type of woman and quite frankly, I just adore the feeling of being thought of (seriously, what woman doesn't like gifts?!)  I've provided some gift ideas below if you would like to grab me something I'd definitely put to good use, but don't quite know what I may like or would like to buy me something nice to wear. Please understand, gifts are never required or expected but please know they are greatly appreciated.


Gift Cards - I absolutely love gift cards!! 

Delta / Amazon / Sephora are my top favorites.

E-gift cards are received @ [email protected] 



Bath bombs - Bath Salts - Body scrubs/butter - Mists - Perfume



Candles - Wall flowers - Figurines - I love elephants!



Wine (Sweet/Semi-sweet Reds) - Champagne - Caramels



Bra/34B - Panty/MD - Hosiery/Sm - Top/MD - Pants/5 or 27 - Skirts&Dresses-5 or MD - Shoe Size/9US(40 Euro)